FXOptimax Launches PAMM System

| January 11, 2012

FXOptimax is launching the PAMM System to ease the task of forex fund managers. We are inviting all leading forex account managers to join as PAMM Managers at FXOptimax.

For managers with excellent trading portfolios, FXOptimax is ready to invest up to 5000$ for each PAMM Project. If you are interested to this promotion, you must create a PAMM manager account and trade for a minimum one week period. You will also need to provide us your verified real account (or similar account), so we can review your portfolio and invest accordingly.

Start you portfolio as PAMM Manager at FXOptimax today!

For more information about our PAMM System, please read at http://www.fxoptimax.com/platform/fxoptimax-pamm-system/

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